Feb 22 2017

What Actually Happens During a Dental Cleaning?

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February is Pet Dental Health Month. This is our last installment in a series of articles highlighting your pet’s dental health.

So, you understand the importance of your furry friend’s dental health and are considering scheduling a dental appointment. You may be wandering what actually happens when your dog or cat’s teeth are cleaned. The following is an outline of dental cleanings at Country Critter’s Veterinary Clinic.

1.) Our dental cleanings are scheduled on surgery days, which are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. There may be more than one pet scheduled for anesthesia that day and not all pets are done at 8 am so don’t worry if you don’t hear from us that your pet is awake from the procedure until the late morning (or early afternoon if our schedule is full!). While your pet waits, they are laying on comfortable bedding (most likely chilling out). We get a little carried away with the bedding so comfort is not an issue.

2.) Before anesthesia, we will look at the results from your pet’s pre-operative blood work. We highly encourage allowing us to perform pre-operative blood work to ensure that your pet’s organs are functioning normally and minimize the risk of anesthesia. ┬áIf we find any problems with the blood work that makes us uncomfortable with anesthesia, we will postpone the procedure. We truly keep your pet’s best interest at heart.

cropped blood drawdental lab
4.) Most pets are sedated before the procedure (depending on pre-existing conditions) and given pre-operative pain medications.

6.) Your pet is anesthetized.

7.) Dental tartar is removed and the teeth are scaled.

ultrasonic scaler
8.) The teeth are probed for any teeth that need to be removed.

9.) The teeth are polished for an excellent finished product.



before cleaning


after cleaning

10.) Your pet is recovered from anesthesia.

11.) You get a phone call when your pet is fully awake from anesthesia.

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