Laura Etter

Laura and family

Registered Veterinary Technician

Education: Purdue University

Hometown: Martinsville

Pets: Laura has four dogs; Kora (Australian Shepherd), Eddy (Jack Russell Terrier), Lizzy (shepherd mix), and Weiner (lab mix). She also has two cats named Dandi and Stripes, pigs (Durocs, Berkshires, Spots), four quarter horses, 1 pony, a mini donkey, and chickens.

Laura Etter joined Country Critters Veterinary Clinic last year after taking time away from the profession to take care of her three girls; Kasey (11 years), Kiley (9 years), and Kendal (7 years). Before that she worked for 10 years as a veterinary technician in Martinsville. Laura obtained her degree as a registered veterinary technician from Purdue University. When asked about joining the profession, Laura recounts the harrowing application process at Purdue:”I have always loved animals, even at a young age. I grew up with dogs, cats, cattle, and horses. I knew I wanted to do something in the veterinary profession and after hearing about Purdue’s veterinary technician program, I decided to go for it. There were 100 applications submitted and only 50 people were interviewed. Thirty people were accepted into the program (only 12 high school applicants).”

Laura, of course was accepted and the rest is history. Laura is very happy to be back working again with everyone at Country Critters.

In her little free time, Laura enjoys camping, hiking, riding horses, raising pigs, and going on adventures with her girls.
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